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Penn Adams is a writer of science fiction and science fantasy novels, as well as plays.

Her first book is The Malign Alliance, in which a proud alien queen devises a controversial plan to end the war with Earth. But her passion for an unsuitable man threatens more than just the peace treaty. This is the first of a trilogy in the Malign Series and the second book, The Malign Legacy, was published in 2021, with the third, The Malign Paradox due in April 2022.

She has written two plays, Autumn Song (2014), a rich family drama about guilt and redemption, and Companion Planting (2018), a farcical comedy about the residents of a retirement village taking over the filming of a television reality show. Both plays were performed by community theatre groups in northern New South Wales and garnered much acclaim.

Originally from London, Penn now lives in the paradise of northern New South Wales encircled by rainforests, beaches and the glorious Pacific Ocean.

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