BOOK ONE: The Malign Alliance 

On the planet Altan, Linnayen Genara inherits the leadership of the Union of Planets and a tedious war with the planet Earth. She is desperate for a peace treaty and secures this by offering herself in a marriage to a man of high rank on Earth – a purely political strategy to break the deadlock.

Linnayen commissions a charismatic captain, Durroc Navarr, to be her envoy in the marriage negotiations. Meanwhile, she selects Jax, the son of the president of the Earth Council, to be her husband and Navarr goes to Earth to meet him. But not everyone on Earth wants peace and a group of dissidents tries to kill Jax and Navarr by sabotaging their aircraft.

Desperate to have power, Navarr, with his twin sister Balisel’s help, plots to seduce Linnayen and by the time Jax travels to Altan for his wedding, Linnayen’s loyalties have been corrupted. 

The tangled web of emotions, interwoven with political intrigue and the ever-present danger of assassination and kidnap, play out until an exciting climax is reached.

Will Linnayen be saved from powerful destructive forces? And who will be her liberator? Above all, will anyone suspect the terrible legacy that their passions will unleash? 

OUT NOW! The Malign Legacy

Book Two of The Malign Series, The Malign Legacy, was published in January 2021 and is available now from all online booksellers.

Twenty-five years have passed and while peace has settled upon the five planets, it faces a new threat from an inspirational new leader of the tribes of Autabron. Linnayen and Jax unknowingly risk the lives of their two daughters, the high-spirited Setiyan and the questioning Calin, in a mission to quash fanatical plots and return peace and productivity to the fractured planet.

At times like these, new heroes are needed desperately. But can Decker Finn be the one man to succeed where the forces of the Union have failed? Or must he lose everyone he cherishes to save another’s love? The Malign Legacy: the revenge of the twins, out November 2020.

Glossary of the Malign Universe

The Altanis
Linnayen Genara Daughter to Yenshar Genara, leader of the planet Altan
Yenshar Genara Leader of the planet, Altan, father to Linnayen and Evica
Evica Genara Linnayen’s older sister
Sen-Beoraan A member of the Union Forum and counsellor to the Kis of Altan. ‘Sen’ is an honorary title showing respect.
Nen Maidservant to Linnayen Genara
Dr Em-sin Mai Physician to the Genara family
Lady Li-el Dacas A noblewoman of the House of Dacas, consort to Ki Yenshar Genara, mother to Linnayen and Evica
Durroc Navarr Army officer and senior diplomat, special envoy to
Linnayen Genara
Balisel Navarr Twin sister to Captain Durroc Navarr and financial director
of mining conglomerate, GKD
Captain Tejarc Captain of the spaceracer, GU Jensa Kadenx
Asud Female assistant to Sen-Beoraan
Sen-Kilasa’ab Manager of the Cadal’baran Lodge on Hutho
The Earthans
Kevor Jax Bashir Only son of Sheikh David and Lady Thea, known as ‘Jax’
Sheikh David Bashir al Fahrazad President of the Council of the United Democratic Nations (UDN) and father of Jax
Lady Thea Bashir Wife of Sheikh David and mother of Jax
Professor Marcus di Luca Tutor to the young Jax
Duncan McCrae An actor and Jax’s best friend since childhood
Joseph Connor McCrae Duncan’s father and retired member of the UDN Council
Harriet Whitton-Blake Student at the UDN Diplomatic Corps and Jax’s first
Hal Byers Earthan ambassador to Altan
Count Josef Aramikov Aide to Jax
Marseille Auteuil Female assassin, code-named ‘Oleander’, also known as
Carri Aqua
Kees Rennick A mercenary soldier, accomplice to Oleander
Jeremiah Danforth Assistant to Balisel Navarr
James Toyotomi A scientist and suitor to Linnayen Genara
Kumiko Toyotomi Great-grandmother to James and member of the UDN
Ennio Nori Grandson-in-law to Kumiko Toyotomi and member of the
Order of Sumere
Captain Chandra Leader of Linnayen Genara’s bodyguards on Earth
Milos Visnivic A mercenary pilot
Celeste Malone A senior pilot for the UDN Special Services Corps
The Dasnirians
Lieutenant Tariik Min A weapons instructor in the Union of Planets army
Bedarek Min Tariik’s grandfather
The Autabronis
Margog Delgar An employee of GKD at the Euta Makaan ore processing
Denkau and Mira Husband and wife, high priest and priestess of the ancient Guznon faith, leaders of the Guznon tribe

Adhana Island Hotel A luxury hotel in the city of Genkarah on the planet Altan
Altan One of the four planets in the Union, circled by three
moons, home and birthplace of Linnayen and Evica Genara
Amerimex A nation on Earth comprising the old countries of the
United States of America and Mexico
Antipodea A nation on Earth comprising the old nations of Australia,
New Zealand, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea and Micronesia
Arbour of Serenkiraah Home to a reclusive order of priests and priestesses living in seclusion in the high Ksas Mountains on Altan
Autabron One of the four planets comprising the Union of Planets, an
arid planet with vast reserves of bergussian ore. Autabron
is unique in that it has two suns, Lau and Uzno, which revolve around each other. Autabronis are generally redskinned with white hair.
Bargassi Demi-galaxy A distinct arm of the Milky Way galaxy and the location of the planet Autabron
Bastimi Falls A spectacular waterfall on the Bastimi River on Altan
Bast-ra A tourist town near the Bastimi Falls
Beshwuk Highlands A range of steep-sided mountains that rise above the
Rakuum Plains on Autabron
Cadal’baran Lodge The holiday lodge of the Genara family on Hutho
Carissian Basin A marine depression on the planet Dasnir that contains
some of the planet’s richest srif farms, home to Lt. Tariik Min and his family
Dasnir One of the four planets in the Union, where 9/10ths of the
surface is water. Dasnirians have remnants webbed skin between their toes and hands
Debenka The first of Altan’s three moons
Elidian A floating city on Earth, main home of the Bashir family
Eurotania Comprises the old countries of Europe including parts of
ancient Russia and the Balkans
Euta Makaan A large bergussian ore processing plant on Autabron
Floating Ice Gardens A tourist attraction on Dasnir, featuring wind and water-sculpted icebergs of unusual beauty
Genkarah A large city on Altan, home to the Genara family
Gutokuroc Falls A series of four major waterfalls on the Utieku River on the planet Hutho
Guyvar Neref A ruined 13th century fortress in northeast Anatolia
Hashaniq A grain farming region spanning a large part of the
southern hemisphere on Altan
Hutho One of the four planets of the Union, heavily forested and
with a green sky. Huthons have evolved to have a pale green skin.
Hutoriaku Plains An expansive, deeply forested lowland region on Hutho
Jarunei Strand An arm of the Milky Way galaxy that exhibits a natural
phenomenon of electromagnetic wave-pulses used by spacecraft to vastly accelerate propulsion
Jinkat’naru An underground city in the high northern Arctic region of
Kalinbi-Makkar Dam A dam holding back a huge reservoir of water that supplies the city of Silbaraz-Re on Altan
Ksas Mountains The highest mountain range on Altan
Kushaan Canopy Park A leisure complex built in the treetops of the Kushaan Forest on Hutho
Lau One of the twin suns of Autabron
Makassar Republic A nation on Earth comprising the ancient empires of Malay and Indonesia
Mayar A rich farming region on Altan famous for extensive grasslands
Mulakush A city on the planet Hutho, headquarters of the company GKD
Ngoro Strand An arm of the Milky Way wherein lies the Earthan Solar
Nippon-ko Republic A nation on comprising the free nations of Japan and
Onuak The largest of the three moons encircling Altan
Pillar of Peyjaan A unique geological feature; a 60-metre high pillar of pale
blue ambicinite rising from the ground at the Arbour of Serenkiraah
Rabakaran One of two high Arctic underground cities on Altan
Rakuum Plains An extensive area of desert on Autabron famous for its
bergussian ore deposits
Rakuum Settlement An ancient city of caves, catacombs and tunnels carved into the Beshwuk Ranges on Autabron, the original tribal home
of the Guznon people
Revishankan The smallest of the three moons of Altan
Seta Ridges A ridge of low-lying ice hills in the high Arctic region of
Silbaraz-Re The largest city on Altan, birthplace of Durroc and Balisel
Solab 3 A space station situated between the planets of Mars and Jupiter
Utieku River One of the largest rivers on the planet Hutho
Uzno The name given to the second sun of Autabron
Zaz-Rakuum An underground city, home mainly to miners and
processing plant workers on Autabron

Aircar A small solar-powered, airborne craft used on Earth for
personal transportation
Airdancer A brand of two-seater aircar
Altaniskaran The main religious group on Altan
Altan-Re An annual ceremony on Altan celebrating the elements of life
Altek The highest-ranking priest or priestess in the Altaniskaran faith
Astrometallurgy The science of the behaviour of metals in space
Baktanishan A formerly noble family of Altan, now disgraced
Bergussian A valuable mineral ore found in large quantities on Autabron
Braup-AG A GKD subsidiary, gas platform operators on Autabron
Dar-aak’s Comet A comet which approaches the planet Altan once every 534 years
Dirratin gas Found primarily on Altan and Hutho, used as a propellant
in fuel systems of inter-planetary craft
Fractal blast The blast from a fission-pulse weapon which disintegrates
molecular linkages
Fre’gath A non-addictive drug used in ceremonies on Altan to reduce inhibitions and promote relaxation
Galactic Union The name given to the combined political entity of the
Earthan UDN and the Union of Planets
Gerantel An addictive drug that produces hallucinations
Grunkaar A holy day for the Guznon people of Autabron
Gunashey Kuth and Dor (GKD) A multi-planetary business enterprise involved in mining and processing of bergussian ore and dirratin gas
Guznon Name given to one of the oldest tribes on Autabron
Guznonabat The religion of the Guznon people
Haranshay Systems A large ore-processing machinery and operating systems manufacturer
High Altek The central authority of the Altaniskaran religious order
Hitarr palm A rare poisonous plant, native to Altan
Jaaseyan A state of absolute mind linkage, only achievable by the most skilled mentantes
Jekarion gas A gas found in the atmosphere of Altan, which has the
property of refracting light in the red wavelength, responsible for the rose-coloured skies of Altan
Jenka A small horse-like creature, native to Altan
Jensa Kadenx A Galactic Union spacecraft
Kalendarium An opaline crystal mineral mainly used to decorate buildings, found only on Altan
Kareek A small dog-like animal with scaly skin, very loyal, kept as a
domestic pet on Altan
Kek Monetary unit of all the four planets in the Union
Ki The highest-ranking secular individual of the planet Altan, male or female. The title which has ‘royal’ status is attained through birthright and training, but incumbents can be resigned by vote of the Altan Council.
Klik A measure of distance in the Union, a little under a kilometre
Ko-kura ‘little infidel’ in the Guznon dialect on Autabron
Ko-makum ‘little witch’ in the Guznon dialect
Ksarpi trees A species of rainforest tree found mainly in the high glades
of the Ksas Mountains on Altan
Kuttashansi A spaceliner of the Union of Planets fleet
Labyrinth A secret militia organisation on Earth
Lady/Lord of Light Honorary title given to the reigning Ki of Altan
Latis-Mei A race of indigenous people on Altan
Magori A climbing shrub with brilliant orange flowers
Mentante A person with telepathic abilities which is most usually a
genetic trait
Nuonabat Special rites and ceremonies performed on the Day of
Order of Sumere A secret group of well-funded political dissidents that seeks to keep aliens out of Earth society
Palletron A hovering pallet used to transport heavy objects
Psytro-ion stream An unusual cosmonic phenomenon where super-charged ion particles align themselves in the same plane and can
penetrate metal
Pulsor A small, high-powered electronic emitter
Pyro-cannon A lightweight, laser-like weapon mounted on UDN
Reassigner A specialist in physical reconstruction using archaic
cosmetic surgery methods, an outlawed occupation
Sen Title denoting honour acquired through service to the community
Serenkiraah The name of an Altani former high priest and recluse who
‘abandoned’ his body (by poisoning himself) to free his spirit in an attempt to gain holy enlightenment
Sestriarch The head female of a noble family on Altan
Sinnsey A flowering shrub, indigenous to Altan
Sonochip A transceiver worn under the skin near the ear
Spaceliner An interplanetary passenger vessel
Spaceracer A small, extremely fast spacecraft
Srif A seagrass indigenous to the planet Dasnir, used to make
high-protein food additives
Sur-Dacas A Union of Planets battlecraft
Sur-Kabanash A Union of planets spaceracer
Sur-Lenes A Union of Planets battlecraft
Tamuns Priests and priestesses of the Guznonabat faith
UDNS Lennox-Mayn An Earthan long-haul spaceliner
United Democratic Nations Council (UDN) A forum comprising elected representatives from all nations on Earth; the governing body concerning matters of trade, defence, human rights and communications
Union of Planets The trade and legislative organisation of the four planets,
Altan, Dasnir, Autabron and Hutho, though each planet retains its own sovereignty
Urthrengo A Huthon-developed drug that renders users highly compliant
Vatortube An air-pressurised elevator
Vidisk A data storage chip
Vidlink A compact visual and audio communications system
Windshifter A small personal airborne vehicle used on the four Union
Zorcuum A pale blue calcitic mineral found in the Beshwuk Highlands, much valued by the Guznon